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Dog Soldiers (2002)

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Director: Neil Marshall

Writer: Neil Marshall

Tagline: Six soldiers. Full moon. No chance.

Plot: A routine military exercise turns into a nightmare in the Scotland wilderness.

Cast: Sean Pertwee – Sgt. Harry G. Wells

Kevin McKidd – Pvt Cooper

Emma Cleasby – Megan

Liam Cunningham – Capt. Ryan

Thomas Lockyer – Cpl. Bruce Campbell

Review (spoilers):

In the beginning of this movie we have 2 campers who are being killed just before sex(famous cliche anyone?) but the scene was done fine. It gets us perfectly in the movie’s mood and we see we are in for a bloody and gory ride, fine with me. After that we have a special unit training mission in which we are introduced to Pvt. Cooper and Capt.Ryan and we see there is a rivalry between them. I must admit I laughed my ass off during that scene. It went something like this:

Capt. Ryan: – Congratulations Cooper, you were the best, blahblahblah, now kill this dog!- and points at the nearby barking dog.

Pvt. Cooper’s expression and everything is like wtf?!

Yes, it is completely random and I’d say funny.

Back to the plot: After 4 months (after being expelled from the special ops) Pvt. Cooper has come back to the same place (some woods) with his new military crew on a training mission. They soon fine badly injured Capt. Ryan and learn that his men had been slaughtered. Suddenly they are being attacked by some creatures and in their attempt to escape they cross paths with Megan, a biologist who know what attacked them – Werewolves! They drive into some house where they have to survive the whole night.

Where was Neil Marshall my whole life?! I find his horror movies to be masterpieces! Too bad he only has 2 of them, hope he will do some again soon (fingers crossed). Anyways the movie is brilliant, not as scary as The Descent but it does have it’s brutally funny parts.  Everyone who watched will remember the “Sausages” scene and the dog biting Sgt. Wells scene. I found them to be hilarious.

Actors fit their roles just perfectly. You can picture them as everyday regular guys who just haven’t been so lucky so they missed the ball game and have to fight a bunch of werewolves now. The dialogs are also very nice, there is no fancy, Hollywood speech but pure British slang. I think those elements make it realistic enough for everyone to enjoy.

There is blood everywhere, as I can remember there were some really nice kills and situations out there worth mentioning. I liked how Spooni died, his fight scene also made me smile. He was fist punching a 6 feet werewolf!

The movie is really good! The only things I didn’t liked about it are some parts of the plot which didn’t actually “get”. I should watch it at least one more time to fully understand everything. Ryan wanted those soldiers come on a training mission here so they can be a bait for the werewolves but Megan was a werewolf from the beginning so she screwed them over or whatever? Blah. Anyway, that really doesn’t matter. Ignore all that and just enjoy watching Dog Soldiers, it’s worth it.

I also liked how were the werewolves done. The effects were good, they were pretty realistic but not really scary but that also doesn’t matter very much.

My rating:… 9/10 Like werewolves? Sick of stupid cliche and fancy dialogs and just want something different? Watch Dog Soldiers.