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Paranormal Activity (2007)

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Director: Oren Peli

Writer: Oren Peli (screenplay)

Tagline: What Happens When You Sleep?

Plot: After moving into a suburban home, a couple becomes increasingly disturbed by a nightly demonic presence.

Cast: Katie Featherston – Katie

Micah Sloat – Micah

Mark Fredrichs – The Psychic

Amber Armstrong – Amber

Ashley Palmer – Diane – Girl on Internet

Review (spoilers):

When a movie gains the title of “being the scariest movie of all time” so fast I just knew something strange is going on. This movie suddenly came out of nowhere. Filmed in only 10 days, with a budget lower than 15 000$ it soon found itself in the middle of some huge hype.  There was lot of “controversy” about it:  people were freaking out in theaters world wide, some people even got paralyzed by watching it, the commercials for it were banned in Italy etc. You don’t have to be a die hard horror fan to hear something about this movie every other day. After all this talking there are only two more question to be answered:  Is it worth watching? And does it justify it’s hype and fame? No and no.

This movie was pretty bad, even for a low budget one. The idea was an amazing one and I was really expecting something… a little better.  It’s biggest problem, as you may guess, is the script. I even found myself laughing from time to time at some ridiculous dialogue.  Also there were some plot holes and actions made by the characters which were rather unusual. Btw neither Katie nor Micah were very likeable. Sometimes during the movie I just couldn’t stand them, the perfect example of that would be the infamous spider scene. In that one Katie suddenly starts screaming in the bathroom, Micah hears her, takes his camera and rushes like a super hero to her rescue. After doing so he, to his surprise, finds out that the source of all that racket was a little spider, Katie replays to that with something like: – You first took your camera then got here. – Ok, seriously, what was the point of that scene? That was just dumb.

The rest of the scares are also pretty dumb, cheap and worst of all obvious. In mostly every part of the movie you exactly know when a scare is going to occur, that just killed any sort of surprise effect. All truly “scary” scenes happen by night and are seen through the eyes of a camera (just like the whole movie) but during the night the camera is static and has a timer on it. As the time passes by, the timer is going very fast but just before a scary screen, it slows down to it’s normal speed. And besides spooky spiders the things that will freak you out are:  doors, footprints in flour and strange noises. I can’t deny there is some kind of “tense” atmosphere during those night scenes but when you repeat your ideas over and over again it just kills any kind of mood.

There is not much to say about Paranormal Activity anymore.  I haven’t had very high expectations of it and yet it still failed to amuse me in any way. There is only one thing left to do now. I want to sarcastically congratulate the director, Oren Peli, for gaining such big success with such crappy film. He even tricked some people in believing this was based on a real situation. It takes some skill for doing so, don’t you think? 😉

My Rating: 3/10… It doesn’t live up to it’s hype. Actually, it’s light years away from “being the scariest movie of all time”.