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Halloween II (1981)

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Director: Rick Rosenthal

Writers: John Carpenter (writer)

Debra Hill (writer)

Tagline: More Of The Night He Came Home

Plot: Laurie Strode is rushed to the hospital, while Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis hunt the streets for Michael Myers, who has found Laurie at the Haddonfield Hospital.

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis – Laurie Strode

Donald Pleasence – Dr. Sam Loomis

Charles Cyphers – Sheriff Leigh Brackett

Jeffrey Kramer – Graham

Lance Guest – Jimmy

Review (spoilers):

I reviewed the original Halloween some time ago so I think now is the perfect time for the sequel. A sequel to Halloween was a very expected thing to do because the original one was unfinished and people surely wanted to know what happens next. So Halloween 2 starts where the first ended. It’s still the same night, Michael is still trying to find & kill Laurie and Dr. Sam Loomis is still chasing him. As you can see in the short plot synopsis, almost everything is happening at the local Haddonfiield hospital. Unfortunately, Carpenter wasn’t directing this one, but he, however, did write the script, luckily for us.

Anyways, the beginning of the movie was pretty good, it felt like something that came directly from the first Halloween. It had that creepy stalking atmosphere and once again you look at the world through Michael’s eyes. But yet I somehow felt a little strange while watching it because the first murder in the movie happens a little too soon and it’s not your typical Michael. The murders in the sequel are much more violent and gory, they lost their simple but effective touch from the first movie. I’m not a die hard fan of gory scenes in slashers so I liked murders from the original Halloween more. But I have to say that the murders were far from bad, some where even pretty good but still light years away from Carpenter’s Halloween.

So…Carpenter wrote the script for this one so I had no problems with it, all in all it was pretty nice. Al though I somehow feel that the realization of that script could have been much better if someone else directed it. Despite all that, the best thing in the film was Dr. Loomi’s change of character. You can clearly see his transformation from a normal man to a desperate mad man who would even threaten a police officer to get what he wants. I would dare to say that his character even outshined Laure Strode, she was much more exposed in the original Halloween. In this one her existence felt just like a bait for Michael, nothing more.  But Jamie Lee Curtis still played her role perfectly.

The movie’s twist is a very interesting one and somehow still shocking. I wish to time travel back to the eighties to watch Halloween II in a local cinema just to have that feeling when you first time find out that Laure Strode is Michael’s sister. That should have been intriguing. Al thought it is a very interesting twist, I still think it could have been made a little better, I mean the realization of that was done too simply – just a plain dialogue (which followed a very short Laurie’s flashback).

Al though the twist is very good and the kills are also ok, Halloween II just couldn’t entertain me much. It has too much boring and slow parts and even some plot holes which made me giggle a little but it’s still worth watching. I also liked the ending in which we see Michael die….just to be revived in further sequels.

My Rating: 6/10… Surely watch it if you are a fan of Carpenter’s Halloween but don’t expect something special.


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halloween Director: John Carpenter

Writer: John Carpenter(screenplay)

Debra Hill(screenplay)

Tagline: The trick was to stay alive.

Plot: A psychotic murderer institutionalized since childhood escapes on a mindless rampage while his doctor chases him through the streets.

Cast: Donald Pleasence – Dr. Sam Loomis

Jamie Lee Curtis – Laurie Strode

Nancy Kyes – Annie Brackett

P.J. Soles – Lynda van der Klok

Charles Chypers  – Sheriff Leigh Brackett

Review (spoilers):

Yesterday was Halloween so I’m going to review the movie Halloween from 1978.  How cool from me, eh? Anyways this movie starts off with little Michael killing his older sisters, we don’t know why and actually we don’t care about her. The whole scene was made through Michael ‘s eyes so I found it to be very nice and creepy.  After the murder occurs he is sent to some hospital and after 15 years of treatment he escapes somehow and goes to his hometown to kill his younger sisters, his doctor chases him all the way. After that we have few dead kids, the final fight scene in which we learn that Michael is somehow undefeatable and he just escapes.

This movie is pure win.  It is directed by John Carpenter (probably my favourite director) and he had chose some of his most  trustworthy actors and actresses (Donald Pleasence & Jamie Lee Curtis) followed by a great soundtrack.  So what makes this movie so great and different from other legendary killer movies? It doesn’t rely so much on gore and blood but on psychotic terror.  The stalking in the movie was done awesome.  Michael follows around his victims all the time and even appears behind them few times but he doesn’t kill them instantly. In case of that girl ( I forgot her name ) which was stuck in that backyard building (or whatever was that), he could have killed her like 5-6 times but he didn’t and that’s what it makes a good atmosphere and suspense. Later she is killed in the “safety” of her car, I must admit I didn’t see that one coming. In all other slasher horror movies you exactly know when the kills will occur, you predict them, in this one, you don’t.

Let’s go back to Michael himself: he is scary as hell. His white mask gives me the creeps and you never know where to expect him, he just pops out few times and I’m not going to comment the scene where he is having a sheet over his head; that one was just sick. Second thing I like about him is his silence. Through almost the whole movie (expect in one part where he’s real face is shown) is not making any sounds, that was also creepy. He is perfect for being a serial killer.

I also liked the reality factor in the movie. I mean, Carpenter didn’t want to waste our time with stupid explanations and “spooky” discovers about his lunacy and invincibility (in sequels I think we got them). Michael is just a friendly neighbourhood child who suddenly went crazy, who needs more explanations? Explanations like that just kill the movie and the atmosphere, without them you may even think something like that could happen in your hometown. Why not?

What this movie makes a good movie is it’s spirit. It’s not all mindless killings and overused gore, it has a meaning of some sort, it has it’s suspense and atmosphere, that’s why it is so perfect. I recommend it to everyone.

My Rating: 10/10… Carpenter made this movie. If you need more reasons read the review once more : ]