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Cube 2: Hypercube (2002)

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Director: Andrzej Sekula

Writers: Sean Hood

Ernie Barbarash

Lauren McLaughlin

Tagline: Welcome to a new dimension in fear

Plot: Eight strangers find themselves waking up in a strange cube-shaped room with no recollection of how they came to be there…

Cast: Kari Matchett – Kate Filmore

Geraint Wyn Davie – Simon Grady

Grace Lynn Kung – Sasha

Matthew Ferguson – Max Reisler

Neil Crone – Jerry Whitehall

Review (spoilers):

Despite all average things in the first Cube, I still found it to be watchable and enjoyable. It’s sequel is just dull. Cube 2: Hypercube doesn’t have nearly good mood as the first Cube ( al though it starts nice ). All the rooms lost their colors and are now plain white and shiny. It was sometimes painful to watch all that “shining”. There was absolutely none of that perfectly dark atmosphere which followed us in the first movie. The whole concept of booby traps has been changed too. They have become some random CGI effects (which were far from good) and while watching the movie you notice that the characters have no way to find out which room is trapped and which not (their only way of fighting the traps is to manically escape the room when they accidentally trigger one). So you can easily conclude that in this sequel the characters are being thrown in with no actual purpose. Actually, some of them just sit and discuss why were they put in but no one’s real purpose is never revealed during the whole movie. The conception of the maze has been changed drastically, which is a bad thing. Hypercube loses every possible link to reality so you’ll see some very strange (and awful) things while watching like parallel realities (seriously, whose idea was that), time shifts or sudden gravity changes. The best thing about the first Cube was it’s real idea, no matter how Sci-Fi that movie looked I still couldn’t shake the feeling that this maze was somehow possible to make out by using a huge amount of money. Hypercube just isn’t real, on the contrary, it wants to be more and more supernatural.

Visually, Hypercube, was bad and the traps were boring. So you would expect that it would at least have some decent actors who will play some interesting characters. Wrong. The characters in Hypercube look like piles of meat glued together. There is NO character development at all. It seems even the writers were sick of them so they are getting killed in the most stupid possible ways ever. It’s hard to say what everything sucked about them because the list doesn’t seem to end. But believe me, some scenes and dialogues were so awful and they made me laugh. And of course, I forgot to mention that all of characters are walking cliches (actually, it is very hard to even call them “characters” ). I had the feeling some characters were copy/pasted from the first cube only with slightly different characteristics. In this one you also have a mad man who goes on a rampage and kills everyone he sees. But his transformation seems so shallow, you just get the feeling it was made so the movie can have a “main bad guy”. There is a person with mental problems in Hypercube as well. And last but not least,  a very intelligent girl who has problems with her sight. Do I even have to comment how some wannabe twists were pretty obvious from the start? The script was horrible.

Apparently, the writers also think that the audience is a group of retards. From time to time they give you little clues about who is responsible for the making of  the hypercube. A company named Izon which produces weapons.  That name is mentioned all over again through the whole movie. Do they think that we, the watchers, are a group of baboons who can’t conclude something simple as that after we hear the name Izon the first 2 od 3 times? That discovery had completely killed the mood from the first Cube where we don’t have a clue who stands behind all this. Putting the name of that company in the script seemed like a desperate move to me.

My Rating: 3/10… Miles away from the first Cube (and from something that is worth watching)