Zone of the Dead (2009)

Directors: Milan Konjević

Milan Todorović

Writers: Vukota Brajović

Milan Konjević

Milan Todorović

Tagline: The Dead Will Rise Forever!

Plot: InterPol agents must join forces with dangerous prisoner to fight zombie hordes.

Cast: Ken Foree – Agent Mortimer Reyes

Kristina Klebe – Agent Mina Milius

Emilio Roso – Prisoner

Miodrag Krstović – Inspector Dragan Belić

Vukota Brajović- Armageddon


I was very anxious to see Zone of the Dead (also known as Apocalypse of the Dead) because it is the first zombie movie made in the region of former Yugoslavia (it is Serbian). Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from it but it turned out to be a very funny movie…in a bad way : ). However, kudos to the people responsible for making Zone of the Dead, it is always nice to see something new in this part of the world.

It was even nicer to see Ken Foree having a main role in this movie, he is definitely one of the best things in it, a pleasant surprise. He even spoke his famous quote about hell overflowing and dead walking the earth (which was one of the most memorable quotes in both Dawn of the Dead – the original & the remake). Needless for me to say that he stole every scene in which he appeared. Besides that I really have to compliment Miroslav Lakobrija, the man who was responsible for the special effects, which are surprisingly good! I would dare to say that Zone of the Dead has one of the best zombie makeups I’ve seen in a long time, they are surely better than the effects in newer Romero movies. This movie also features lots of gore scenes and bloody kills which were also amazingly done, it is even possible to see huge zombie slaughters. Zone of the Dead also has a decent soundtrack that fits perfectly with the post apocalyptic zombie atmosphere, which is already good by itself.

Unfortunately, the script writing in Zone of the Dead is awful and I think that is the most important thing that makes a good zombie movie. Here we have some plot holes, dialogues, characters and scenes full of cliche and I also felt like some scenes were either missing from the movie or are unnecessary so the editing could also have been better. All of this makes Zone of the Dead unintentionally funny, I giggled through most of the scenes during the movie. Besides Ken Foree, the actors are either average or horrible. There was a (bad) decision that this movie will be made fully in English instead of Serbian so you can hear some very bad English from time to time. I just think that Zone of the Dead could have been at least a little better because it had more than a huge potential. Effects and Ken Foree are perfect but everything else is disasterous…and all it needed was a little better script writing. However, I think that Zone of the Dead will eventually reach a cult status, at least in Serbian cinematography.

My Rating: 5/10… It is very bad in a funny way so you should really check it out.  Fun is guaranteed!

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