Nasty Nancy (2010)

Director: Sandi Mance

Wrtier: Sandi Mance

Tagline: The School…is OVER!

Plot: In a school full of perverse teachers, where you earn grades by having sex, Nancy is the only honest person. But when she, despite studying a lot, fails her final exam…it’s time for revenge!

Cast: Verica Šalata – Nasty Nancy

Hrvoje Dundović – English Teacher

Marko Jurić – Chemistry Teacher

Josipa Sabo – Math Teacher

Valentina Vuković – Latin Teacher


First of all I have to say that Croatia is not popular for horror movies, we simply don’t have much (or any) of those around here. So it surely was a breath of fresh air for me to see Nasty Nancy yesterday on a thrash movie festival in my hometown. But Nasty Nancy is more than a breath of fresh air in the Croatian movie industry, it is an excellent experience with lots of gore and laughs. The director and writer, Sandi Mance, made a fun story that will change the indie horror scene here for sure.

It is a movie about a smart girl, Nancy, who is going to a school full of perverse teacher. Students earn their grades there by having sex. Nancy doesn’t want to do it that way so she starts to study hard for her final exam. However, she fails on it and now she seeks revenge on the teachers who failed. She takes out her rollerblades and katana and starts to kill them all, one by one. Needles to say that Nasty Nancy has many influences from Asian movies. Basically, this movie is a 40 minutes bloody fun ride. Nancy kills every professor in a unique and funny way and their personalities are often very similar to the class they teach. Besides that, Nasty Nancy has actors who perfectly fit their roles and the overall atmosphere.

I can  say this may possibly be one of the best Croatian movies I’ve ever seen (although it’s short) and I won’t be exaggerating. It has good script writing, amazingly awesome effects and lots of humorous, bloody and bizarre scenes. It is very nice to see something innovative, unique and fresh like Nasty Nancy. Pure Croatian thrash :D.

My Rating: 10/10… This high rating is not just a product of local patriotism. This movie deserves it in every single way.

2 Responses to “Nasty Nancy (2010)”

  1. Obavezno će doći na gledanje…

  2. E javljeno mi je u četvrtak od frenda da su prezentacije u Osijeku i da traje taj ‘festival’, a u petak nisam mogao doći jer sam bio izvan Osijeka, nažalost.

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