The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Director: Daniel Myrick

Eduardo Sánchez

Writers: Daniel Myrick

Eduardo Sánchez

Tagline: The scariest movie of all time is a true story.

Plot: In October of 1994, three student film makers disappeared in the woods near Burkittesville, Maryland. One year later, their footage was found.

Cast: Heather Donahue    – Heather Donahue

Joshua Leonard – Joshua ‘Josh’ Leonard

Michael C. Williams – Michael ‘Mike’ Williams

Bob Griffith – Short Fisherman

Jim King – Interviewee


What would my blog look like if I didn’t review a cult movie as The Blair Witch Project? Anyways, this is one of those movies that doesn’t need some special introduction. I’d say, without without exaggerating, this is one of the most important movies in the horror industry. It’s wonderful idea of seeing everything through camera’s lenses opened the way for many other modern horrors like Paranormal Activity (which is, basically, a Blair Witch Project wannabe) & REC.  Btw, for you who are not maybe particular with the Blair Witch’s plot, I’ll explain it a little. Apparently, a group of students, in 1994, went to the woods to make a documentary about the local legend, Blair Witch. They all disappeared during that trip and their footage was found a year later. When the movie was released it had created a huge hype because the rumor was it that the footage is real. Of course, at those times the internet wasn’t so popular and mainstream as today so it was hard to get some real info on the accuracy of the footage. Soon The Blair Witch Project became a world wide cult movie.

Today we know that all rumors were lies to raise hype. And, unfortunately, this is the movie’s only (and huge) imperfection. It’s just not as effective as I imagine to be several years ago. I think I would have enjoyed watching it more if I wasn’t sure is the footage real or fake. Besides that, the movie is more than great! It is a perfect example to directors world wide how to make a scary and efficient movie with a low budget. It’s idea, atmosphere and everything is just amazing but as I said before, The Blair Witch Project seems kinda “old” (which is sad because it was made only 10 years ago).

And…this would be all. There is not much to say about this movie because it is already very popular in the mainstream culture. If you haven’t seen it or something like that, do it now! It is very simple but effective. Definitely worth your bet.

My Rating: 7/10… A very nice and scary classic which, unfortunately, isn’t so frighting as I think it used to be.

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