Wrong Turn (2003)

Director: Rob Schmidt

Writer: Alan B. McElroy (written by)

Tagline: It’s the last one you’ll ever take.

Plot: Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by “cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding.”

Cast: Desmond Harrington – Chris Flynn

Eliza Dushku – Jessie Burlingame

Emmanuelle Chriqui – Carly

Jeremy Sisto – Scott

Kevin Zegers – Evan

Review (spoilers):

I watched Wrong Turn some time ago and I almost fell asleep while doing so.  It’s one of those movies who actually don’t have any plot.  6 “pretty” (this is the most important word) people got themselves lost in the woods and die one by one in the clutches of deformed cannibals. When I first heard what is the story about, I thought to myself: “Not another Texas Chainsaw Massacre wannabe”. This movie desperately wants to be like something else because it can’t stand out on it’s own.

The movie’s beginning was more than good, it starts with 2 brutal murders followed by creepy images of deformed people, pictures of newspaper articles, etc. Very early in the movie you find out that the bad guys are going to be in-breeding cannibals. I didn’t have anything against that early realization but, however, it kills possible future shocking moments in which we could find out the killers real nature. Also, when we meet our protagonists, first victims fall almost instantly. So, similar to The Wolfman, Wrong Turn starts too fast than gets to it’s boring and slow middle part (which is bad) . That boring middle part is nothing more than a cat and mouse chase around the forest, during this I almost fell asleep. It seemed like the director was completely out of ideas on this one so he put some random thrown shit in the movie. We have a scene where the good and the bad guys climb trees and run after each other until the main good guy knocks one cannibal down with a giant branch. I’m not kidding. That was awful.  At least the whole tree climbing scene had one bright side:  a girl got killed when a cannibal swung his axe into her mouth, that was the best (and maybe the only good) kill scene in the whole movie.

I forgot to say that the movie is also very predictable. From the beginning you just know which two are going to be the final couple and also you can predict in what order are other characters going to die. I don’t even want to comment some plot holes which were just too obvious like why didn’t the cannibals instantly kill Jessie after capturing here. In the end of the movie the two remaining survivors kill all three cannibals. That was a little longer scene than I originally expected and is very action driven. It was ok I suppose. Oh, I forgot to comment the make up off the cannibals. The make up was very effective, but in the meantime a little funny, you can’t take the cannibals serious, now when I think about it, some of their habits are a little too ludicrous.  As the opposite to the look of the bad guys, the good guys simply look to beautiful. I just don’t like when the actors have to be so pretty because when it’s like that I can’t get in that tense horror mood, everything seems unreal.

My Rating: 3/10… The whole movie is one boring, predictable plot hole.

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