The Wolfman (2010)

Director: Joe Johnston

Writers: Andrew Kevin Walker (screenplay)

David Self (screenplay)

Tagline: When the moon is full the legend comes to life

Plot: Upon his return to his ancestral homeland, an American man (Del Toro) is bitten, and subsequently cursed by, a werewolf.

Cast: Benicio Del Toro – Lawrence Talbot

Anthony Hopkins – Sir John Talbot

Hugo Weaving – Abberline

Emily Blunt – Gwen Conliffe

Art Malik – Singh

Review (spoilers):

I went to see The Wolfman yesterday and I didn’t like it very much,  but let’s go from the beginning. The first scene in the movie is a classic chase in the woods where a werewolf kills a young man named Ben Talbot. Early in the movie we can see that it will be full with cheap “jumping out” scares which I don’t really like but never mind. After the death of Ben, his brother Lawrence wants to find out what actually happened, soon after that he also gets bitten by a werewolf. This everything happens very early in the movie, a little too early if you ask me. I didn’t want the plot to be so fast, it just killed the mood of old woods of Victorian England and the whole visual experience.

After the first part of the movie in which is everything so fast happening, we get a very slow driven and boring middle part of the movie. Even famous (and good) actors like Anthony Hopksins, Benicio Del Toro & Hugo Weaving couldn’t save this part from a boring disaster. Their characters are wooden, the characterization was very poorly done as the interactions between them.  The especially bad was the introduction to the Hugo Weaving’s character – Abberline.  He comes out of nowhere and we know nothing about him, actually I’m not sure what was his part in the movie supposed to be. We only find out that he worked on the infamous Jack The Ripper case but that information makes no difference, his character just wasn’t special in any way.  Also in this second segment of the movie we get the first werewolf transformation which pleased my appetite, that was really nicely done.

By this time, I had most of the problems with script which I found to be disastrous. It is so predictable in every way, especially the twist which, if you ask me, came very early in the movie and was poorly done.  In that scene we don’t see any real motives of Sir John Talbot, we don’t see what has turned him to a madmen and why did he really kill his wife. Any of this doesn’t make any sense and is really shallow, hardly believable.  So…now we move to the third (and final) part of the movie.

That part, and the whole ending, look more like an action movie and they lack that simple but effective horrosish tense which slowly built itself through the movie. The last 15-20 minutes are similar to the beginning, they are also very fast moving and let’s say slightly hard to watch, I didn’t enjoy that. So the movie is too fast, then boring and too slow then again too fast. The final battle between father and son was so simple and sped up, it lasted like 15 second? And the final wood chase lacks any kind of horror atmosphere. When the main character, Lawrence Talbot, dies  we see the movie’s biggest problem, the audience can’t sympathize at all with characters, they don’t care who will die or when. Anyways, I hope there will be no sequel (which is very possible because of the ending) because I think it will be even worse than this.

This movie simply failed, it’s a pity as the actors are big names in the movie industry.

My Rating: 5/10… It’s hard to give it a lower grade (visualy, the movie is fantastic) and it’s hard to give it a higher grade(the script is retarded and the characters are simply too wooden).  It’s a shame, I really expected that this movie to become a cult one.

2 Responses to “The Wolfman (2010)”

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