Carrie (1976)

Director: Brian De Palma

Writers: Lawrence D. Cohen (writer)

Stephen King (novel)

Tagline: You were warned never to push Carrie to the limits. Now you must face the evil consequences.

Plot: A mousy and abused girl with telekinetic powers gets pushed too far on one special night.

Cast: Sissy Spacek – Carrie White

Piper Laurie – Margaret White

Amy Irving – Sue Snell

William Katt – Tommy Ross

Betty Buckley – Miss Collins

Review (spoilers):

Carrie is just another classic movie which I didn’t like.  Well, it is little better than other “classics” which I reviewed but not good enough.

So let’s get started. This is the famous adaption of a famous book written by a famous writer, Stephen King! I haven’t read the book yet nor I’m actually really interested in doing so but never mind, let’s continue. This is a story about a troubled girl with telekinetic powers which is molested by everyone, her school mates, some of her teachers and even her mother. She eventually somehow gets invited to go the prom with one of the boys from her class, Tommy Ross.  He was forced in doing this by his girlfriend, her real reasons are never fully revealed but we get the feeling that she is feeling bad for doing bad things to Carrie. At the prom, one other girl throws a bucket of swine blood on Carrie and this didn’t go really well. Carrie goes on a rampage and kills everyone. The end.

But I still realize why is this movie so popular and classic. The scene where she is killing everyone is very famous for a reason. It is very dark, doomy and creepy. You somehow feel her power as you look into her penetrating eyes while she is covered in swine blood. It is very, very, very disturbing. And also the scenes after the mass killing were nicely done. The last half an hour or so is what actually makes this movie pretty good. So why didn’t I like this movie?

First 60 minutes of the movie make that problem. They are boring. As you see in the tagline and in the plot of the movie everything is directed to the ending, like no one cares about the whole movie, just the ending. So if you ask me, the synopsis could just be: “Nothing happens, then she kills them all”.  So in the first part of the movie, pre-mass killing part, we are introduced to Carrie and the molesting which she goes through everyday. I found this to be overly unreal, it was going ok until her mother shows up, then everything goes downhill. I just couldn’t get into her Bitchy Control Freak character, it was childish and hard to watch. It wasn’t hard to watch because it was wannabe disturbing but because of it’s stupidity and the overall plot, it was real extravagance. So the mother’s character didn’t make almost no sense.

Also through the first part of the movie, Carrie’s powers should have been introduced with a little more scary and a gloomier tone. Like they were in the ending.

This movie has some high school relationships which were done poorly, if you want some of those, rent high school musical rather because this ones were pretty unnecessary.

My Rating: 5/10 … An average grade for an average movie. If you are interested in this one do yourself a favor, just skip to the last half an hour of the movie and watch. Too bad the rest of it isn’t so good.

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