Død snø (2009)

Director: Tommy Wirkola

Writer: Stig Frode Henriksen

Tommy Wirkola

Tagline: Ein Zwei Die

Plot: A ski vacation turns horrific for a group of medical students, as they find themselves confronted by an unimaginable menace: Nazi zombies.

Cast: Vegar Hoel – Martin

Stig Frode Henriksen – Roy

Charlotte Frogner – Hanna

Lasse Valdal – Vegard

Evy Kasseth Røsten – Liv

Review ( Spoilers ) :

I watched this movie some time ago and I can’t actually remember every character or detail that occurred in it but I still remember the general plot and some memorable scenes.

A group of friends go to a ski vacation where they meet a strange guy who tries to warn them about some frozen nazis & some other mystical stuff. He has the classic role in horror movies of an old wise man who somehow knows what will happen to those unfortunate kids but still can’t save himself from the same fate.  Soon after warning the group he dies. Friends react to his warnings with alcohol and sex.  How unmature of them!

The first thing I liked about this movie are spoken references to other horror classics like  the Evil Dead serial. They even have a horror movie freak, some fat guy who gets laid with a hot chick in an outdoor bathroom, that was one of those memorable scenes I talked about earlier.  Following the sex scene, the nazi zombies attack and all hell breaks loose.  Upon that, there is no much plot to discuss.

As you can see, this isn’t a deep intellectual movie that is based on a complex plot.  It’s just a gory comedy in which you’ll see some zombies, oops, pardon me, nazi zombies get their asses kicked.  When I heard the plot synopsis for this movie I thought all my wishes came true. I mean, zombies are one thing, but nazi zombies! God damn!

The main problem with this movie is that people who watch it don’t realize that they are actually watching a comedy rather than a horror movie. Ofc, there are few scenes which you could call scary but the overall feeling of the movie isn’t.  There are some scenes that were so funny I had to pause the movie so I could laugh my ass off in peace than continue after that. The most hllarious situations were:  A zombie kills the fat guy and after some screaming another guy says:  ” I said we should go to Sunny beach!”. Also I found very funny when that guy was bitten so he amputed his hand, after he did so, a zombie attacks from snow and bites his leg. Fuck yeah! And ofc the transformation of that same guy from a doctor who can’t stand blood to a fearless zombie killer!

This movie is also very gory. We have blood spilling everywhere, entrails falling out, a zombie with his bowels tied to a tree, some chainsaw situations and similar. If you are a gore freak you’ll find this movie more than appealing to you.

Because this movie doesn’t have a particular plot you just don’t know in which direction it will take you.  The characters ( except the old wise guy ) have no famous cliches as characteristics so they seem real and believable.  I had no problems with this movie being in Norwegian, on the contrary! I’ll have to check out more independent movies like this one because it was a great surprise!

In the end everyone from the group dies so that was also a nice surprise for me! Director didn’t want to spare no one and they all die in a brutal way! Great.

My Rating:  9/10 … If you find nazi zombies packed in horror gore comedy to be somehow awesome,  this movie will suit you. I didn’t gave it a 10/10 rating cuz the movie could have had some  more plot explanations in it, like how are the zombies frozen, why are they recently coming back to life, etc. But no matter, this movie will anyway give you a 90 minutes of pure fun.

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