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Profondo Rosso (1975)

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Director: Dario Argento

Writers: Dario Argento (written by)

Bernandino Zapponi (screenplay)

Tagline: The maker of “SUSPIRIA” now takes you on a journey through the macabre, the bizarre. . . the unnatural.

Plot: A musician witnesses the murder of a famous psychic, and then teams up with a fiesty reporter to find the killer while evading attempts on their lives by the unseen killer bent on keeping a dark secret buried.

Cast: David Hemmings – Marcus Daly

Daria Nicolodi – Gianna Brezzi

Gabriele Lavia – Carlo

Macha Meril – Helga Ulmann

Eros Pagni – Supt. Calcabrini


Everyone who knows a little about Dario Argento and his movies, knows that the tagline of this one is retarded because Suspiria was made after Profondo Rosso.  But ofc Suspiria was so famous at it’s time that Profondo Rosso was even promoted in some countries like Suspiria 2, a sequel, but no matter. I’m not here to compare those 2, both of them are masterpieces which you must watch if you haven’t already.

Anyways, up to the review. One may ask what does exactly make Profondo Rosso so good? My first reply would be: music! Yeap, the soundtrack made by an experimental italian rock band that goes by the name Goblin. They were one of the best bands from their era and Argento relies on them very much in his movies. They are one more thing you must check out before you die. Their sounds give the movie some additional depth and I just can’t explain the feeling which followed me during their songs.  Also, many times in the movie you’ll hear a freaky children’s nursery rhyme which freaked me out.  All of it was perfectly combined in the movies atmosphere.

My second reply would be: camera angles! Argento uses them in some strange ways which can’t be so easily explained, you have to see them for yourself. They are somehow deep, sometimes uncomfortable but you have the feeling that everything is so close to you, that you can almost touch anything. I was simply blown away by some scenes in the movie, especially by those camera angles. I couldn’t believe that some of Argento’s ideas could be so simple and complicated at the same time. Truly genuine.

My third reply would be:  story! Combine the awesome effective audio/video experience with a nice story which is believable and actually makes some sense. There are some nice twists in it. Very early in the movie the plot tries to play tricks with your mind, so you could say that is full of mind fucks (in a good way). If you don’t believe the words that I say, check out Profondo Rosso, you won’t be sorry. While watching it you’ll have a feeling that you are directly in it, it will suck you in!

And here you go, you have Profondo Rosso ( or Deep Red – the english translation ). Just remember, this much more than your average slasher, it’s a masterpiece.

I hope I interested you a little in watching this movie, I know my arguments may be a little too general or shallow ( because it’s really hard for me to say everything that’s on my mind ) but you’ll see for yourself if you give it a try.

My Rating: 10/10 … A must watch classic!

Lost Highway (1997)

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Director: David Lynch

Writer: David Lynch

Barry Gifford

Plot: After a bizarre encounter at a party, a jazz saxophonist is framed for the murder of his wife and sent to prison, where he inexplicably morphs into a young mechanic and begins leading a new life.

Cast: Bill Pullman – Fred Madison

Patricia Arquette  – Renee Madison / Alice Wakefield

Balthazar Getty – Pete Dayton

Robert Loggia – Mr.Eddy / Dick Laurent

Robert Blake – Mystery Man


I decided to give David Lynch another chance after Eraserhead and it was a right thing to do. I found Lost Highway to be completely different from Eraserhead and it just blown me away. It has an interesting plot in which we follow Fred Madison, a sax player, who is found guilty for the murder of his wife. In his cell, while awaiting death penalty, he is being transformed into a young car mechanic named Pete Dayton. As you can see, this summary doesn’t make any sense at all neither it is explained during the movie but no matter. David Lynch has made a nice suspenseful atmosphere consisting of creepy images, weird colors and excellent soundtracks. And all that makes Lost Highway really worth watching! It is a strange experience you should definitely see.

The transformation scene is not the only scene that makes no (or little) sense. There are even some “intellectual” moments in it like in Eraserhead but I didn’t mind them very much. Besides that, Lost Highway has a really complex synopsis full of duel personalities, strange characters and weird twists. As a movie it is very unique. However, I still felt that David Lynch pushes himself a little too hard. He wants everything to be so abstract and “different” from the mainstream. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing although I think Lost Highway would be even better if he kept that “intellectual” feeling in moderate amounts. Even though Lost Highway seems so strange and weird it still has a decent atmosphere that is really worth experiencing.

Anyways, Lost Highway features some good actors playing very interesting characters. The best role would surely go to Robert Blake who plays the Mystery Man. We don’t know almost nothing about his character except that his appearance is very strange and creepy and that he has a big part in the movie’s synopsis. The movie soundtrack also has a big part in the atmosphere. The songs were carefully picked to fit the character’s inner feelings in such a strange way so they make a really great impression on the watcher. The soundtrack features songs from some great artists like Marilyn Manson (Mr. Manson even has a short cameo in it with his bass player, Twiggy Ramirez), Rammstein, David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails. All in all, I found Lost Highway to be really good, it surely is different but it’s still excellent.

My Rating: 8/10 … Lost Highway is a weird experience you should see if you haven’t already.

Now for something completely different

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This post won’t be a review.

This post will be a shameless self promotion.

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Cube (1997)

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Director: Vincenzo Natali

Writer: Andre Bijelic

Vincenzo Natali

Tagline: Fear… Paranoia… Suspicion… Desperation

Plot: 7 complete strangers of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in an endless kafkaesque maze containing deadly traps.

Cast: Maurice Dean Wint – Quentin

Nicole De Boer – Leaven

David Hewlett  – Worth

Andrew Miller – Kazan

Nicky Guadagni – Holloway

Review (spoilers):

The thing that I appreciate the most about Cube is it’s genuine idea! A group of stranger locked in a giant maze with booby traps! Hell yeah! Bring it on!

But the realization of this idea is another thing.

The movie itself starts with a great scene where you see that a man named Alderson (played by Julian Richings) is trapped inside this weird room and is looking for an exit. But after he enters another room he is suddenly killed by some trap. We are introduced to the cube. The first thing that catch my attention were it’s strange colors, all those dark red, green, blue lights surrounding everything make a crazy claustrophobic ambient. You can freak out just by thinking of being locked in rooms like that. Upon seeing how the cube looks like we are being introduced by our characters one by one, total of six survivors. Through the whole movie we don’t learn nothing important about their everyday lives nor their characteristics. Few times in the movie,  you get the feeling there is a reason why each and every character is in this strange maze, that there is a purpose for their existence. Unfortunately, I still can’t find out what was the purpose of some characters. Relationships between them are very complicated, every now and then, they just get into fights.  Every act and move they do, they do in anger or in desperation.  But somehow still I felt sorry for them and I wanted them to survive this menace.

They soon try to find out an exit from the cube but are constantly being pulled back by their own problems and anger.  So till the end, almost all kills were made by the mad cop Quentin, not by the maze, which disappointed me because I expected more booby trap solving and dying while doing so. But Quentin just started to rage and started killing everyone. He first killed Holloway, a doctor who didn’t agree with his methods and leadership. The scene of her death is the scariest one in the movie, it has very tense atmosphere combined with acrophobia (a fear of heights). Rest of the kills weren’t so creative and had some plot holes in them ( I won’t go into details now ). Because of all this, the Cube also had a little slasher feel in it.

After a half a hour or so the movie becomes boring and repetitive. All those ideas which were actually pretty good till now brought us nowhere because I had a felling I am rewatching the same scenes, over and over again. I know it is maybe a little hard to get ideas for some dialogues in a movie like this one but you could have at least invent some more traps and use them. The original traps in this movie have very little screen time. So this is the movie’s biggest problem – boredom.  I just couldn’t stand some parts and was desperately waiting for something interesting to occur.

Now something little about the maze itself. No one knows what is it, where was it built nor what is it’s purpose nor such things are revealed through the whole movie. So it’s all up to your own imagination to try to describe it and it’s purpose. There are some nice quotes from the movie which could explain the Cube’s “attitude” but the overall dialog is bad and sometimes cheesy.

As I said before, the atmosphere in this movie is great! I liked all the colors and the claustrophobic feeling they have. Masterfully done! But ofc, half a hour into the movie and you’ll get used to it. After that it doesn’t seem so special anymore, it becomes repetitive.

All in all, this movie isn’t bad, far from that, but it just failed some very good ideas. It could have been much better.

My Rating: 6/10 … Somehow average but still watchable.

Carrie (1976)

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Director: Brian De Palma

Writers: Lawrence D. Cohen (writer)

Stephen King (novel)

Tagline: You were warned never to push Carrie to the limits. Now you must face the evil consequences.

Plot: A mousy and abused girl with telekinetic powers gets pushed too far on one special night.

Cast: Sissy Spacek – Carrie White

Piper Laurie – Margaret White

Amy Irving – Sue Snell

William Katt – Tommy Ross

Betty Buckley – Miss Collins

Review (spoilers):

Carrie is just another classic movie which I didn’t like.  Well, it is little better than other “classics” which I reviewed but not good enough.

So let’s get started. This is the famous adaption of a famous book written by a famous writer, Stephen King! I haven’t read the book yet nor I’m actually really interested in doing so but never mind, let’s continue. This is a story about a troubled girl with telekinetic powers which is molested by everyone, her school mates, some of her teachers and even her mother. She eventually somehow gets invited to go the prom with one of the boys from her class, Tommy Ross.  He was forced in doing this by his girlfriend, her real reasons are never fully revealed but we get the feeling that she is feeling bad for doing bad things to Carrie. At the prom, one other girl throws a bucket of swine blood on Carrie and this didn’t go really well. Carrie goes on a rampage and kills everyone. The end.

But I still realize why is this movie so popular and classic. The scene where she is killing everyone is very famous for a reason. It is very dark, doomy and creepy. You somehow feel her power as you look into her penetrating eyes while she is covered in swine blood. It is very, very, very disturbing. And also the scenes after the mass killing were nicely done. The last half an hour or so is what actually makes this movie pretty good. So why didn’t I like this movie?

First 60 minutes of the movie make that problem. They are boring. As you see in the tagline and in the plot of the movie everything is directed to the ending, like no one cares about the whole movie, just the ending. So if you ask me, the synopsis could just be: “Nothing happens, then she kills them all”.  So in the first part of the movie, pre-mass killing part, we are introduced to Carrie and the molesting which she goes through everyday. I found this to be overly unreal, it was going ok until her mother shows up, then everything goes downhill. I just couldn’t get into her Bitchy Control Freak character, it was childish and hard to watch. It wasn’t hard to watch because it was wannabe disturbing but because of it’s stupidity and the overall plot, it was real extravagance. So the mother’s character didn’t make almost no sense.

Also through the first part of the movie, Carrie’s powers should have been introduced with a little more scary and a gloomier tone. Like they were in the ending.

This movie has some high school relationships which were done poorly, if you want some of those, rent high school musical rather because this ones were pretty unnecessary.

My Rating: 5/10 … An average grade for an average movie. If you are interested in this one do yourself a favor, just skip to the last half an hour of the movie and watch. Too bad the rest of it isn’t so good.

Eraserhead (1977)

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Director: David Lynch

Writer: David Lynch

Tagline: In Heaven Everything Is Fine.

Plot: Henry Spencer tries to survive his industrial environment, his angry girlfriend, and the unbearable screams of his newly born mutant child.

Cast: Jack Nance – Henry Spencer

Charlotte Stewart – Mary X

Allen Joseph – Mr. X

Jeanne Bates – Mrs. X

Judith Roberts – Beautiful Girl Across The Hall


Actually, there isn’t much to say about this movie because it has no plot. Yeap, that is true, the script of it was 21 pages long. So what makes it worth watching? My answer would be: nothing but then I wouldn’t look like an intellectual. Let me explain this furthermore:

This movie is made of random images who don’t make any sense nor are connected much to each other but it’s still “art”. I once read a comment from some guy who said: “I wonder how much shit can David Lynch put in his movies and it would still be called art”.  This pretty much sums it all up.

So why is it all popular? Why is it called good? Why is it the classic of the genre? First of all, try to imagine me writing this review in a different way. Writing how the movie was brilliant and awesome, trying to explain it to stupid masses. Wouldn’t I look cool and intellectual? I bet I would.  But, actually Eraserhead is still dull and stupid, I don’t like the whole “intellectual” and “you have to love it” feeling about it. And I don’t like all the individual attempts that try to find some deeper story behind it.  Just not my cup of tea.

The good side of the movie is the atmosphere which is very good on some parts and worth watching. Too bad the absence of plot and the whole intellectual feeling makes the overall impression so bad. There are also some disturbing scenes which I found enjoyable. Anyways, I recommend the movie for everyone so you could see some original ideas (which unfortunately failed) and the whole atmosphere. Hope you will find it to be much better than I did.

That’s the whole review, I’m out of ideas for this one.

My Rating: 4/10 . .. It had huge potential, Too bad it is so crappy.

Diary Of The Dead (2007)

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Director: George A. Romero

Writer: George A. Romero

Tagline: Shoot the dead.

Plot: A group of young film students run into real-life zombies while filming a horror movie of their own.

Cast: Michelle Morgan – Debra Moynihan

Joshua Close – Jason Creed

Shawn Roberts – Tony Ravello

Amy Ciupak Lalonde – Tracy Thurman

Joe Dinicol – Eliot Stone

Review (spoilers):

This movie is RETARDED.  This 4 words can simply sum up my whole review but I’m kinda bored right now so I’ll tell the whole world why is this movie retarded.  First thing is the tagline. One of the taglines for the movie ( as seen on the poster ) is “Where will you be when the end begins?”. When you have some combination of the words “end” and “beginning” on the movie poster you just know it’s going to suck. I also think that Romero knew that this movie is retarded while he was shooting it. ( oh yeah – we have another tagline which says : “shoot the dead”, it is almost as retarded as the end/beginning one ).

The other retarded thing in this movie are the characters. How so you ask? Because there are so god damn many of them! And none of them is important, none of them dies, they are all just walking piles of cliche shit.  I didn’t remember any of their names or their personal life, they are just so unimportant. So here are our characters:

1. The Geek – you always have to have a geek in sucky movies so he can solve trivial problems which other character can’t because they are retarded. The irony is that he didn’t solve any problem in this movie, he made me a problem because I had to watch him through the whole movie

2. The Old And Wise Man Who In One Point Of The Movie Shares A Little Of His Wisdom To Others – Oh yeah! He had an interesting story to tell us all which I can’t quite remember.  Honestly, who the fuck is this guy? Why is he hanging out with other characters all the time?

3.  A Likeable Main Character Who Is Actually A Dipshit – The name says it all. He is holding the camera all the time and just shooting everyone being killed by zombies and doesn’t help them at all. This ain’t a social satire as someone may think, it’s retarded.

4.  Stupid Sexy Blonde – You can’t have a movie without one, can you? Too bad this one doesn’t die in this movie but simply lefts the rest of the group in a dramatic scene. Retarded isn’t it?

5.  The Main Female Character Who Eventually Finds Her Inner Strength – Blargh.

6. The Badass – Oh yeah! He is only one holding the gun! Beware of the badass!

7. The Mummy – This character is dressed as a mummy and is only seen at the beginning and the end of the film. At the end he is still dressed as a mummy, just like in the beginning. Apparently Romero didn’t want him to change his clothes cuz in the end we couldn’t recognize that he is the mummy playing guy from the beginning.

8. Amish Guy – The best guy in the whole movie, too bad he’s total cameo is like 25 seconds.

There are much more characters which I don’t want to speak about. Mostly those who are here just for few seconds and they dramatically die so we should symphatize with them. Boohooohoooo, a stupid not needed characters who I knew nothing about just died. I’m feeling so sad.

I don’t want to go through the plot because there is no plot, just random wtf situations which don’t make any sense.

For an example:

The Main Female Character Who Eventually Finds Her Inner Strength gets attacked her by her zombified brother in her family house. She panics, shrieks, no one helps her, two guys just tape the whole thing we their cameras until The Old And Wise Man Who In One Point Of The Movie Shares A Little Of His Wisdom To Others shoots a bow into her brother’s head. She can’t stop screaming so she runs down the hallway, opens a door from one room, closes the door than return to the room where she got attacked. Wtf?

Oh yeah, we also have a boring part of the movie where they all group with some badass gangsters or something. In that part is nothing actually happening.

The most revolutionary thing in this movie was the camera taping and you see all the movie through the eyes of the camera. An effect that was also used in movies like Rec and Cloverfield. Too bad that the effect was so retarded in this movie.  There is also one more stupid scene I just have to write here:

The guy is taping with his camera, we see everything through his eyes. Ok.  In front of him there is a guy walking. Suddenly, from nowhere, comes a zombie and attacks the guy in the front. The camera guy is apparently disinterested and apathetic cuz he normally says: watch out.  Result: the guy in gets bitten.  The plot holes in this scene are just huge! Why didn’t the zombie attacked the camera guy first because he was closer to him, why didn’t the camera guy yell out something or why didn’t he helped his friend? Answer to this questions is simple: Because this movie is retarded.

My rating : 3/10… There is nothing more to say I guess.

Død snø (2009)

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Director: Tommy Wirkola

Writer: Stig Frode Henriksen

Tommy Wirkola

Tagline: Ein Zwei Die

Plot: A ski vacation turns horrific for a group of medical students, as they find themselves confronted by an unimaginable menace: Nazi zombies.

Cast: Vegar Hoel – Martin

Stig Frode Henriksen – Roy

Charlotte Frogner – Hanna

Lasse Valdal – Vegard

Evy Kasseth Røsten – Liv

Review ( Spoilers ) :

I watched this movie some time ago and I can’t actually remember every character or detail that occurred in it but I still remember the general plot and some memorable scenes.

A group of friends go to a ski vacation where they meet a strange guy who tries to warn them about some frozen nazis & some other mystical stuff. He has the classic role in horror movies of an old wise man who somehow knows what will happen to those unfortunate kids but still can’t save himself from the same fate.  Soon after warning the group he dies. Friends react to his warnings with alcohol and sex.  How unmature of them!

The first thing I liked about this movie are spoken references to other horror classics like  the Evil Dead serial. They even have a horror movie freak, some fat guy who gets laid with a hot chick in an outdoor bathroom, that was one of those memorable scenes I talked about earlier.  Following the sex scene, the nazi zombies attack and all hell breaks loose.  Upon that, there is no much plot to discuss.

As you can see, this isn’t a deep intellectual movie that is based on a complex plot.  It’s just a gory comedy in which you’ll see some zombies, oops, pardon me, nazi zombies get their asses kicked.  When I heard the plot synopsis for this movie I thought all my wishes came true. I mean, zombies are one thing, but nazi zombies! God damn!

The main problem with this movie is that people who watch it don’t realize that they are actually watching a comedy rather than a horror movie. Ofc, there are few scenes which you could call scary but the overall feeling of the movie isn’t.  There are some scenes that were so funny I had to pause the movie so I could laugh my ass off in peace than continue after that. The most hllarious situations were:  A zombie kills the fat guy and after some screaming another guy says:  ” I said we should go to Sunny beach!”. Also I found very funny when that guy was bitten so he amputed his hand, after he did so, a zombie attacks from snow and bites his leg. Fuck yeah! And ofc the transformation of that same guy from a doctor who can’t stand blood to a fearless zombie killer!

This movie is also very gory. We have blood spilling everywhere, entrails falling out, a zombie with his bowels tied to a tree, some chainsaw situations and similar. If you are a gore freak you’ll find this movie more than appealing to you.

Because this movie doesn’t have a particular plot you just don’t know in which direction it will take you.  The characters ( except the old wise guy ) have no famous cliches as characteristics so they seem real and believable.  I had no problems with this movie being in Norwegian, on the contrary! I’ll have to check out more independent movies like this one because it was a great surprise!

In the end everyone from the group dies so that was also a nice surprise for me! Director didn’t want to spare no one and they all die in a brutal way! Great.

My Rating:  9/10 … If you find nazi zombies packed in horror gore comedy to be somehow awesome,  this movie will suit you. I didn’t gave it a 10/10 rating cuz the movie could have had some  more plot explanations in it, like how are the zombies frozen, why are they recently coming back to life, etc. But no matter, this movie will anyway give you a 90 minutes of pure fun.