28 Days Later (2002)

28dayslatermovieposterDirector: Danny Boyle

Writer: Alex Garland

Tagline: His fear began when he woke up alone. His terror began when he realized he wasn’t.

Plot: Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary.

Cast: Cillian Murphy – Jim

Naomie Harris – Selena

Brendan Glesson – Frank

Megan Burns – Hannah

Cristopher Eccleston – Major Henry West


In the beginning we have a strange sort of virus which has infected some monkeys.  An activist group of some sort enter the laboratory with those monkeys and they have an intention to save them or whatever? I didn’t actually care about those screaming bastards and found no compensation for them, the whole scene was pretty irritating scene, monkeys are screaming all over the place, etc.  So after one monkey escapes he bites a person. The end? Unfortunately not.

Now we follow a guy named Jim Who suddenly wakes up from a long coma in which he has been for an unknown period of time. After he exits the hospital he finds out that the whole city (or at least London) is deserted. He aimlessly wanders around it picking up money & stuff. That is the only good scene in the whole movie because we have a nice view of what would it be to be feel/or be alone on the world, the ideas from the “Last Man  On Earth” are clearly visible here, the mood & the soundtrack are nice, everything is in it’s place, too bad that this is the only good atmosphere we will be watching, the rest is just dumb.

After being chased by infected (who look like zombies but they can ran – no big difference to me but we will call them infected just to please those die hard horror fanatics) from a church Jim teams up with few survivors who tell him what is actually happening (that dialog is filled up with all that apocalypse zombie movie cliche and all that survival bullshit). The tension is slightly falling now but it still seems like it will be a good movie.

Jim now wants to check out if his parents are still alive (although he knows they are dead) and guess what!? Those survivors agree to help him??! What the? I mean, that lady explained a little while ago that every man is here for himself(if I can remember correctly, it’s been a while since I watched it), why suddenly help some bastard (which you see the first time in your life) to find his parents  who are already dead? It’s unrealistic. But no matter. As you can see by now the script is going to be very poor. Well,  while looking for Jim’s parents  one guy from the survival party gets bitten. From the beginning it was obvious that the poor guy was only cannon folder and he will eventually die and we should feel no remorse for him. Bah. Anyway…I’ll skip some parts because they are boring.

Now our new party is Jim, the main female character, I forgot her name, some new girl and new girl’s father. They are trying to find some military base. After shitloads of zombie movie  cliche like “kill him, he isn’t your family member anymore!” we are in the military facility with some god damn horny soldiers. As we move more towards ending we less know what’s going on. First the soldiers want the party to join them than they want to rape the girls, than they want to kill Jim , than Jim wants to kill them by using the infected, than everyone kill everyone the survival party vs the soldiers vs the infected etc. It sounds like a god damn fucking soap opera to me.

Well, after all the movie has a happy ending (Who would guess that?!?!).  It seems that 28 Days Later is only popular because of it’s first scenes when Jim is walking in a deserted town picking up money. It does have that post-apocalyptic feel to it but the rest of the movie is boring and already soon somewhere before.

My rating: 5/10… The movie sux, it is boring as hell, it looks like some soap opera with love/hate stories etc. , and it is horribly overrated 2. I was bored  even by thinking about it while writing this review.  Another movie horribly overrated.

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    I love your blog :))
    Can you make a review of Dead snow ?

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